The most Noble Profession is Teaching. Teaching is a profession that creates all other profession. But it’s also a fact that is being a good teacher, is a hardest job.

Children spend a lot of time with their Teachers, who in turn can have an impact.

So its not only the students who need Life skills but also the teachers need.

Its very important for a human to keep oneself  updated and upgraded accordingly…. Or else one becomes out dated.

In recent days, teachers job has become even more harder. The maturity level of the current generation, the expectations of the parents , the life in this competitive environment are few factors for these.

Smitha , as a Trainer on Life skills covers lot of topics as spread below exclusive for Teachers on both Personal and Interpersonal skills, with lot of fun, group activities, turns out to be a good learning, gets motivated once out of the hall.

Personality Development Communication
Self Awareness Engagement
Stress Management Conflict Management
Time Management Manners and Morals
Managing Work Life Balance Understanding Types of Learners
Dealing with Slow Learners
Creativity and Innovation