Life skills becomes very important to a child , the very day it is in the contact with the second person in  its life.

There were days , when our grand parents held our fingers and thought what life was.

Mother was the first teacher.

But the bitter fact is that , most of us don’t stay with the grand parents anymore , and now the moms have started working, have less time for their children.

Parents have more expectations from the school , but schools also needs to focus on their academic syllabus.

Here is Smitha , the Training consultant for Life skills, holds hand of both Students and Teachers to accomplish once life to the fullest .

“Ability to do something well” is definition for Skill in Dictionary. Contemporary world is competitive and Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” becomes more relevant with competition.

Our academic curriculum enables us with Knowledge of Science, Commerce Arts, etc. while it somehow lacks development of Psychological aspects. Although “Finishing Schools” are trying to bridge this gap. But not every school and every child is mandated to have it.

“BRAINSMITH” is fulfilling the need through their training Programs which are meticulously prepared to address children from all walks of life.

Below are the topics we impart to children and we also have a mechanism where we verify training effectiveness from three months of training.

Good touch and Bad touch Good touch and Bad touch Sex Education
Good Manners Respect Handling Emergencies
Honesty Compassion Emotional Intelligence
Courage Self awareness Interpersonal Skills
Helping Others Manners and Morals Time Management
Managing Disagreements Communication skills Attitudes & Technique for Success
Happiness Hard Work Public Speaking
Love Patience Conflict Management
Gratitude and Generosity and many more… Cheerfulness and many more… Building Healthy Relationships and many more…